Meet the Tells

Where innovative character-led burlesque flirts with a strong theatre influence.

Our passion as performers, dancers, comedians, singers, and wild card entertainers is to tell stories and bring characters to life through the art of burlesque.
Our mission is to engage audiences by bringing theatrical burlesque productions and show stopping group numbers with nods to musical theatre in particular, to the Saint Louis community.


AJ.jpg AJ Marion – Administrative Director
Dancer extraordinaire, AJ is a stickler for detail and the troupe’s Administrative Director. Dabbling in a wide variety of dance styles from Blues and Swing to Argentine Tango and more, AJ’s favorite aspect of dance is the connection, whether with a partner or her audience. Frisky, forward, and never faltering, AJ is the embodiment of the Gal on the Prowl.


Joe.jpg Average Joe
The illegitimate love-child of Precision and Creativity, which now neither parent will claim, Average Joe has a diverse background in individual and group choreography, various styles of partner dance, structural and sheet metal, high voltage electronics, history, and more. Not for everyone, clinical tests show that prolonged exposure to Average Joe may cause fits of laughter, dancing, fatigue, foreshadowing, witty banter, social butterflies, kidney or liver problems, obscure references, sesquipedalian loquaciousness, and an increased risk of adventure. All sensations of levitation are illusory. Ask your doctor if Joseph is right for you. Naturally and artificially flavored.



Clev.jpg Clev Thundabird
A volcanic personality summoned from the depths of heck; Clev has rocked the pants off most people he meets. Since birth, he’s been feeding on any spotlight that could handle him but only recently decided to use his powers for good. He has a black belt in **CENSORED** and is allergic to any clothing that may hinder his intensity. He rides a bird of white lightning with bombastic dudeness. Fueled of centrifugal justice, he beckons the thunder. You mess with the thunder, you get the bird. Clev Thundabird.




Magnolia.jpg Magnolia Strange
Ms. Magnolia Strange started her performance career by performing escapology among other magicians in the St. Louis area, and now works alongside Dr. Judas Lynch. You can find Magnolia in St. Louis and around the country doing partner and solo performances in fire manipulation, hoop, modeling, and escape artistry. To see more of Magnolia’s work, you can follow her on Facebook, Instagram, or find her at




Roxxxy.jpg Roxxy Missbehavin’
Born and raised in the Washington, D.C. area, Roxxy Missbehavin’ started dancing at age 3 and has since trained, instructed, and performed professionally in ballet, jazz, and hip hop. In 2013 she began working in strip clubs across the country and has developed a knack for pole dancing. From those who know her best, her style is described as “a little thug, a little club, and a little classic!” This luscious lesbian gets around, having performed burlesque across the Midwest not only as a solo performer, but also with the Bungalow Bunnies before joining The Kiss & Tells in 2016 as our resident alien, provider of snacks, and enthusiastic choreographer. She will be trying her hand at directing some of our sensuous (and silly!) productions this year, and is sure to have us ALL dripping by the end of the night! Her inspirations include Josephine Baker, Dorothy Dandridge, her “big sister” AJ Marion, and this messy miss firmly believes that burlesque is about much more than just revealing your body. Need more of this naughtiness in you life? You can follow Roxxy on Facebook at Roxxy MissBehavin’ and Instagram at roxxy_missbehavin




Rydyr.jpg Rydyr
Rydyr is a drag entertainer based out of St. Louis, MO, and has been captivating and confusing audiences for 10 years. In that time he has competed for and held titles at the local, regional and national level including being the very first St. Louis King of Pride and his national title of Mr. International Inc. MI. He can be seen on a weekly basis in shows through out the St. Louis metro area, has traveled and performed nationally, and currently hosts and produces his own weekly shows and pop up parties.




Sophie.jpg Sofie De Sade
Sofie entered the St. Louis burlesque scene performing with Charlotte Sumtimes and her Sumtimes Cabaret in 2013. Her flame for burlesque was ignited after a film project turned her on to an old school vaudeville dance known as The Apache! In addition to joining The Kiss & Tells in 2013, this burlesque siren gets around, having been involved in many other projects including STL Burlesque and Sketch, Bonafide Outlaw Freepress, The Seven Deadly Sinners, AND the Bungalow Bunnies! In her free time, this smoldering temptress enjoys performing and directing theater, dance and vocal performances in the St. Louis and Chicago areas. With a background studying acting, a degree in film production, and a cosmetology license it’s no wonder that Sofie de Sade has won titles such as “Nerdy Pin-Up Girl 2013” at The Crack Fox in downtown STL and been featured in burlesque festivals across the country, including the Fierce! International Queer Burlesque Festival and the Show Me Burlesque Festival.




Wallflower.jpg  Wallflower
***Our newest member!***
Wallflower is the latest addition to The Kiss & Tells in our 2017 season! New to burlesque, Wallflower was first introduced to The Tells through Clev Thundabird when he hopped on board in 2016. As wallflowers are prone to do, she waited in the eaves attending shows, then working The Kiss & Tells’ merch booth, and is now a full fledged member contributing dance numbers, script writing, and graphic design talents (she’s been particularly excited to design K&T posters)!